Java One 2006 - Third day

The third day begun with the IBM's general session where Erich Gamma and John Wiegand talked about the Eclipse development process - people and tools, project rythm and project health.

As to the sessions, the two most interesting were TS-1548 Extreme GUI Makeover Lookin' Better and TS-3399 A Simple Framework for Desktop Applications. Unfortunately, the demos for TS-1548 still are not available, and they worth the look.


Java One 2006 - Second day results

I've just returned from the Apple's BOF session at Java One. It was nice to meet the guys behind Java on Mac OS X in person.

There were two significant announcement made: the famous "SWT is not implemented on Mac OS X" bug had been closed as "fixed" and Java 6 DP2 for Mac OS X had been announced. The Java 6 is available for PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs both. See the full official announcement.

PS: Alan Samuel said: "we will be agressive with Java 6 for Mac OS X release", which MAY mean that we'll see the release soon after the Sun's release of Java 6.

Java One 2006 - Second day - Excelent Desktop Java Sessions

There are two excelent Java desktop sessions I've attended today: TS-1099 Dos and Don'ts for Swing Applications and TS-1305 High-Performance GUIs.


Java One 2006 - Second day

The General session is Oracle's today. The Java Persistence API (JPA) Reference Implementation has been donated to GlassFish project as OpenSource.

Java One 2006 - First day results

There are too many sessions to address them all by only two men, so we'll see only the small fraction of Java One. Nevertheless the sessions have been filled fast. There are feedback forms available for each session.

I've attended BOF-0420, BOF-2170, and BOF-2496 yesterday. I've found the BOF-2170 the most interesting and best presented.

First day at Java One - Just Arrived

I've just registered for the Java One conference. The sessions are all full today, only several BOFs and reception are available. So, lets start from reception! :)


Java SE 6 Developer Preview for Mac OS X

Apple's switch to Intel has somewhat accelerated the Java SE 6 for Mac OS X development - the first developer preview is already available. It is based on Mustang build 77. Currently, the software targets Intel-based Macs, but PowerPC version has been promised too. See official announcement.