Release 2 is out!

Codename: Magdalena (not final though)
Sex: Female
Weight: 4300g
Height: ~57cm
Release time: 2008-12-02 13:30


google.ua has been squaterred

It looks somebody could pass the TM check for Google in Ukraine. The check is required by current domain administration rules.

See the contents of registration records:

Visit the dating site behind the domain


What an irony - anti-Google ad from Google Ads

Another step to Fascist America

The DHS/TSA officials may detain for a "reasonable period of time" ANY electronic device capable of storing information in either analog or digital form.

See the original article.

Is it another step to Fascist America?


Funny error message while installing Windows XP SP 3

That's an error message I've got while trying to install Windows XP
Service Pack 3 on my Asus Eee PC.

It says: Your computer must be on AC power in order to install this update.


JavaOne 2008 slides available online

JavaOne 2008 slides

There are more goodies available:

  • JavaOne Hands-On Labs materials
  • Sun Tech Days Hands-On Labs materials

Check the last year page for even more interesting things to download!


Pictures from Sun Tech Days 2008

Asking questions on Swing Application Framework.

Answering questions on Spring, Hibernate, and NetBeans.


Moving to Linux - two years later... already moved!

To make a long story short - I've moved to Kubuntu 7.10 entirely. Linux is the primary OS on my home PC for 3 months already.

And it has tools for backing up the contact list of my phone!