Apple: We can speak about the weather :-)

One would have two guys on stage: Apple and Linux/Unix.

Linux: Hi Apple!

Apple: Hi Linux!

Linux: Nice day isn't it?

Apple: Can't tell, I am under NDA.

Linux: But you can see the Sun is shining.

Apple: Shht. That's a secret. I have been told not to speak about this.

Linux: Talk about the weather?

Apple: Weather? What weather?

Linux, pointing to the sky, with a puzzled look...

Apple: You know Linux, why don't you sign this paper and we'll be able to talk about this.

Linux: (reads the paper) I commit not to speak about open things, and do everything in secret?

Apple: then you'll be part of our club.

Linux: And what advantage do I get?

Apple: Things are easier inside this club!

Linux: How?

Apple: We can speak about the weather :-)

Taken from this message. Thanks Henry.


What's new in Leopard from Java developer's PoV

Apple is going to release another cat - Leopard, aka Mac OS X 10.5 - to the wild tomorrow. Are there any news for Java developers?

According to some sources we will see good old Java 1.4.2 and 1.5.0 with latter as default. There is no sign of the latest Java 6 while almost a year passed since its release for other platforms.

It would be interesting to know what happened to "The ultimate platform for developing and deploying cross-platform Java applications" promise?

PS: Was it the reason James Gosling gave up on Mac OS X in favor of Solaris?