Apple: We can speak about the weather :-)

One would have two guys on stage: Apple and Linux/Unix.

Linux: Hi Apple!

Apple: Hi Linux!

Linux: Nice day isn't it?

Apple: Can't tell, I am under NDA.

Linux: But you can see the Sun is shining.

Apple: Shht. That's a secret. I have been told not to speak about this.

Linux: Talk about the weather?

Apple: Weather? What weather?

Linux, pointing to the sky, with a puzzled look...

Apple: You know Linux, why don't you sign this paper and we'll be able to talk about this.

Linux: (reads the paper) I commit not to speak about open things, and do everything in secret?

Apple: then you'll be part of our club.

Linux: And what advantage do I get?

Apple: Things are easier inside this club!

Linux: How?

Apple: We can speak about the weather :-)

Taken from this message. Thanks Henry.

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