Java One 2007 - Java technology libre panel

The representatives of four projects who explore the space of Java VM and class library implementation talked about the changes which are inevitable after the Sun has "freed" the Java.


  • Geir Magnusson, Jr. (Chairman of the Apache Harmony PMC)
  • Mark Reinhold (Chief Engineer, Java SE, Sun Microsystems)
  • Dalibor Topic (Kaffe Virtual Machine community leader)
  • Tom Tromey (Lead developer GCJ, Red Hat)
  • Mark Wielaard (Maintainer of GNU/Classpath, FSF)

It has been noted that in spite of the same license as the Linux use the possibility of Java fragmenting is low since there is an API specification which drives the efforts. The desire for compatibility (even on a bug compatibility level) is high. The panelists expressed an opinion that the diversity of compatible but different implementations is good for a Java community since it will allow to accommodate the needs of different categories of end-users and customers. Moreover, it allows different development groups optimize for a specific problem they are going to solve, be it a specific hardware to run the system or a research project.

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